Sheeez, Texas! Its not so big after all! Actually, we drove from Dallas to Austin in less than four hours (and even stopped at a czech rest stop and had an awesome sausage). 'Shevitz bought a sink stopper with an Armadillo in the center while I ate a fantastic jalapeno sausage.
Here in Texas people are much nicer than the hype in Illinois suggests (why ARE we at war with Texas, anyway?). My friends who drive cars with Kerry stickers or no W stickers assured me they are not taking their lives in their own hands and nobody could think of any vandalism realting to their stickerage. Wow!
In Dallas... we went to this interesting restaurant where everyone looked like they were from the cast of "Dallas" only friendlier. There were even life-sized Bears in friendly poses (which they held the entire time we were there!). There were these nice people who park your car for you. If your car is real pretty they park it by the front door so everyone else can enjoy looking at it. When you are done, they even bring your car back! Jason and I were confused about which SUV we were supposed to get in and accidentaly got in the wrong one but nobody wanted to tell us to get out (so nice), so we sat in it for at least 5 minutes (chatting about the Toyota Prius and how cool they were even if the batteries need replacing so often and are toxic as hell, but...).
Anyway... eventually we realizeed this wasn't the car we were supposed to be in (it was a Volvo SUV, not a Chevy SUV)(but they were both gold) and got out and still nobody complained.
Austin was more like home (but better BBQ!).
The gigs down here were with Guillermo's trio. I think we all are extemely thankful to Dorothy, Bill, Carl, Holland, Josh, Pedro, Russ and The Jennifer's for their warm hospitality. Thanks also to all the nice folks I met and didn't shoot me!.
Will post upcoming gigs in a day or so...
Stay tuned!


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