Greetings from the nicer country! Today is rainy and cold but its still great to be breathing the fresh air of freedom (or at least the fresher air of a bit more freedom). The trio has been out for 4 days now and so far its been a great trip. The leg from Lexington to Columbus taking secondary highways was one of the nicest drives I have had in a long time. We have been very fortunate in how well the organizers of the gigs have treated us. Thanks Ross, Larry, Mike, Tom, Robert, Ken, Ron... everybody!

Last night was the "real" gig here in Toronto. Today we play an afternoon gig at a record store and tomorrow we are just tourists. Monday we are in Ann Arbor (Cantrbury House?) so... tell your friends!

April is my chance to write and practice up for what might be an interesting time in May (Brotz 10 North America tour) but there are a few gigs here and there.

Saturday the 9th is 4tets with Lou Mallozzi, Guillermo Gregorio and Michael Zerang as part of the Edge Fest.
Later that night the 2nd Citizens (now called Fast Citizens) play D's Loft.
Monday the 11th at Myopic w/TV Pow and Boris Hauf and Jason Soliday at Myopic.
Wednesday the 13th at the Bottle w/ Bruce Lamont and...
That weekend in Dallas and Austin with Guillermo Gregorio and Jason Adashevitz (where? I don't know)(I think Austin is the Church of the Friendly Ghost).

As always, write me if you want more info.
See Ya!


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