le retour

Home... catching up... We survived and even managed to make the customs agent laugh coming back. How, I won't tell you (proprietary secret). Anyway... Canada was a blast. We even got to see Avril Levine's (spelling?) rehersal space. They blindfolded us when we drove there so don't even ask where its located. Anyway... she wasn't around but we did get treated to a re-recording of Sk8er (spelling?) Boy done by a super singer who while a few years older than the neck tied one, did a very convincing job of sounding like her! Later we heard the voice impersonater's own songs and... in a better world, Her music would be getting the same treatment!

Thanks again to all those mentioned before plus Ron, Rebecca, Joe, Ken and Ingrid (and Aaron). We had a great (gr8?) time and are going to try to get out more soon (this fall?)... let me know if you want to present us in your town. {;o)

So, here's April again...
Saturday the 9th is 4tets with Lou Mallozzi, Guillermo Gregorio and Michael Zerang as part of the Edge Fest.
Later that night the 2nd Citizens (now called Fast Citizens) play D's Loft.
Monday the 11th at Myopic w/TV Pow and Boris Hauf and Jason Soliday at Myopic.
Wednesday the 13th at the Bottle w/ Bruce Lamont and...
That weekend in Dallas and Austin with Guillermo Gregorio and Jason Adashevitz (where? I don't know)(I think Austin is the Church of the Friendly Ghost).
April 21 (Thursday) at 3030 doing solos in conjunction with the Dialogs record release (a release event?)(just 6 months late!). John Butcher will play solo too and then we will play duos (I think).
Be well!


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