Friday March 11 - The Valentine Trio (Roebke Rosaly and I) at the Charleston.
Sunday March 13 - Steve Lantner (Boston) Trio (with Aram Shelton and I) at the Brain.
Monday March 14 - Flockterkit (Shelton, Roebke, Karel, Hess and I) at the Rennaisance Society.
Wednesday March 16 - James Falzones Alos Ensemble w/Jim Baker and Frank Rosaly
Saturday March 19 - Anthony Coleman (NYC) at 3030 (trio with Solliday and I and a quintet with K. Jackson, Roebke, Rosaly and I). Also Ernst Karel solo!
Sunday March 20 - Matt Bauder ensemble at 3030

At the end of the month the Valentine Trio (Roebke Rosaly and I) prematurely tours (its always that way with romantic projects, no?) to support its still forthcoming record, "Other Valentines" on Atavistic. The dates seem to be
March 29 - Lexington
March 30 - Columbus
March 31 - Rochester
April 1-3 Toronto (three shows)
April 4 - Ann Arbor

See you there?
Otherwise... see you late night at la Pasadita, I'm the one muttering in his coffee at the end of the counter.
Love and flowers!


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