well... now I know there are a few readers out there. Sorry about the uncharacteristic blather last week. I promise to stay a little more on point from now on but... for those interested:
The Festival ended last night (with a bang!). The whole thing was pretty great for a small organization (hey Susan and Gustavo!) and their friends/temp associates. having almost all the events at the Dorsch Gallery made it sweeter too as Brokk (the Gallerist?) was as nice a host as you could imagine and even seemed to like the music! Even I who often find these things way too square no matter how well intentioned, had a good time (maybe I am just getting older?). Some real sweet stuff this year and people seemed to be digging it!
Also got to go to the Margulies collection and have to say that its the most amazing private collection I have ever seen and the dude (an evil real estate tycoon, no doubt) lets you in for free (show off!). Anyway... its totally worth it. Sorry I didn't get to the Rubell (Studio 54 anyone?) Collection (especially when I found out they had some choice Elizabeth Peytons!) but... that's life.
Got to ride around in a '67 Mercedes sedan and a brand new Prius and even drove myself on the freeway in a Cabriolet with the roof down (several times).
Anyway... I looove Miami! The weather in March... aaaah! The coffee... aaah! The people (hello Lily and Claudia and Ashley and...everyone!).
So... back to the routine


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