Coming out of the January blahs...

Feb 5 w/ Archer Prewitt at the Empty Bottle (record release party!)
Feb 8 at the Empty Bottle w/ Josh Berman Quintet (B's tunes and...?)
Feb 10 Trio w/ Roebke and Rosaly at 3030 (all improvised set)
Feb 11 resting
Feb 12 at Odum w/ Phill Niblock
Feb 13 at the Hungry Brain w/ Keefe Jackson and Frank Rosaly
Feb 14 at the Hideout w/ L'altra (acoustic? Trio?)
Feb15 at the Empty Bottle w/ Josh Berman Quintet (the stand continues)
Feb 21 at myopic w/ Uncle Woody Sullender and Brian Diblee (pack porch insect music?)
Feb 22 at the Empty Bottle w/ Josh Berman Quintet (last chance!)

Also... Monday the 14th I will have a piece in a show called "My Secret Valentine 5" at 1368 West Grand Ave. from 6-9pm. Its an artist produced (Hi Francine!) one night event where all the work relates in someway to Valentines day. I think more than 40 artists are signed up. The participants randomly receive someone elses work at the end of the night. I was reluctant to do this as when I was a kid I hated the Secret Santa thing at school. The kid who got my present invariably hated it (and I usually could do without whatever I got too!) Hopefully this will be better (or at least less horrible) but since I will be at the Hideout when the gallary closes, I will be spared, in any event, the long faces. I think there will be free wine though!

Looking at the future...
Feb 25-march 6 in Florida (Subtropics festival!) Check out their web site... when they update it!

Hope y'all are well. Write me if you want to know more or just feel like venting.

BTW - Damen! Yes you... I know you are reading this... HEY!


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