quiet week

Am trying to catch up on other shit. Meanwhile...
Thursday night at 3030 with Uncle Woody Sullender and Shawn Decker. I think it might be a free hoedown (or at least Decker plays fiddle and Woody plays banjo and I might just bring a wash tub bass).
Saturday night am hanging with Swiss saxist Thomas Mejer at Hotti Biscotti. The Kedzie Terrorists (Baker/Lonberg-Holm/Mejer/Zerang)will play at about 12:00 but earlier am doing a trio with Paul Giallorenzo and Thomas. Did I mention that Mejer plays contra bass sax or something? I don't know what its actually called but its really low (at least an octave lower than the normal lowest (aka baritone) sax).

Otherwise.... look out for or tell your friends that the Valentine trio is coming to somebody's town soon... See the previous post for details. Email me if you want specifics.


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