So, Yeah? Why not? It is a blog after all. I can always delete this later anyway... so...sitting here in Miami at the fabulous Dorsch Gallery while not much is happening. Its already 3:00 here and I guess eventuallly we will rehearse for tonights gig but none of us really know each other all that well and I think we are all shuddering to think what we will do to each others “pieces” so nobody is in too much of a hurry to set up. besides... we aren't even sure who is playing in who's pieces anyway...
Tom Hamilton is tweaking mikes for the piano for Michael Schumacher (not the race car driver)’s piece but he (Schumacher) is playing chess on a rediculously large set with a guy named Brandon who is helping organize the festival transportation but also happens to look like and identify with Napoleon Dynamite (hello Damen!).
Schumacher and I met once years ago but I had forgotten. He seems to know a lot about a lot so I am sorry I didn’t get to know him better then.
Anyway... a Hamilton piece that tracked gold prices for a period and converted them into pitch is playing now.
Toshi Makahara and Jim Meneses are setting up at the same time. Maybe they will play with (not just after) us.
Anyway... enough name dropping. Greetings from the tropics (actually Gustavo Matamoros calls this the “Sub-Tropics Festival.”)
I already bought a nice new suit today (12 bucks!) What have you done?


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