2nd half of January

So... as I said... my trio with JASON ROEBKE and FRANK ROSALY is playing at the Charleston tonight (the 15th) and the Empty Bottle tomorrow (16th). The Bottle hit is with Ton-Ton Macoute who promise me they will only use their machetes for musical purposes.
On the 22nd DJ Chaka and friends (aka Sugar Fly With Me) is jammin at the 3030. Its a mellow sort of trip-hop vibe so don't come for the skronk (that night).
The 31st is a Myopic night with my friend Darin Gray (who you may know from On Fillmore, Grand Ulena,You Fantastic!, Brise-Glace etc...). I think it will be trios with Jason Roebke.
Aside from that stuff am keeping a low profile and trying to catch up on the writing projects and mixing and working at the MCA (hi Dennis!) a lot this month so don't look for me in the usual party spots either!
happy dead of winter!


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