Late Winter...


Me again.  Perhaps talking only to myself.  I used to imagine that when I got old, I might become one of those guys you'd see late night at a diner.  Down at the end of the counter.  Wizened by who knows what.  Nursing a cup of shitty coffee (maybe smoking too - this was back when people would smoke and even indoors!).  Muttering to himself.  Neither friendly nor mean, just lost in his memories.
Well... now that I am approaching that age, the world is different than I expected.  I guess this blog is the "modern" version.  Anyway, here I am, coffee in front of me, not at a diner (haven't been inside a diner in a year now) and am writing (not muttering) to myself.

The last months have been more interesting than I would have imagined.  Am definitely keeping busy.  I slowed down on mask making but still sewing.  Now mostly repairing toys my puppy keeps destroying.  A little bit of a Sisyphusian act but... what the hell?

I'm also painting more.  Actually taking an on-line beginning painting class.  I should have done that years ago.  Having a lot of fun even if I doubt I will make any more still life paintings after it's over.  :)  I have some glass works in progress too. 

Of course, music remains my main activity.  I play at least a little every day and spend a lot of time listening to recordings (mine and other folks). 

Since I last wrote, Flying Aspidistra released a nice duo recording with my friend Helena Espvall and a trio EP with the legendary Tristan Honsinger and Josh Zubot.  Tristan has been a hero for many of us for years and years.  I haven't played with him many times but its always been a great experience.  Was lucky that this set was recorded in glorious stereophonic sound by the Zuchowskis (Thanks for everything Dave and Wendy!).  Tristan made the cover art btw.  He's been producing a lot of what he calls "cut-outs".  I think he would sell them if asked nicely.  He's laying low but contact me and I will see what I can do. 

Footnote... the trio with Tristan wouldn't have happened if not for the efforts of Tomeka Reid.  I can't say enough good things about her.  In addition to being an amazingly talented musician, she works as hard (harder?) to shine a light on others than just about any other musician I know.  When I lived in Chicago, we would play duo sets from time to time.  A duo session we did a few years ago is supposed to finally be released on CvsD sometime later this year and I couldn't be happier about that.

Anyway, you can get both of these recordings (and many other fine ones as well!) at https://flyingaspidistra.bandcamp.com/


In addition, I have been on a few other recent releases.  A nice "grab bag" type thing featuring Rob Magill with guests Eugene Chadborne, Dave Rempis, Shaine Scarminach and yours truly.  Also an EP by my old friend (and one time fellow GodCo member) Laura Cromwell.  A little bit ago there was also a trio set with Joao Almeida and Joao Lopes Pereira (my last "electric" gig just about a year ago).  And of course, the newest Mars Williams "Ayler Xmas" disc (and LP).  Its a "battle" between Chicago and NY. :D  I'm on the NY team this time lol.  That band includes Nels Cline, Hilliard Greene, Chris Corsano, Steve Swell and of course, Mars.  The "other" side features many of my old Chicago friends.  The string section includes Katinka Kline, Peter Maunu, Kent Kessler and Brian Sandstrom so... you know its burning!

And an early warning... RogueArt is releasing a 4tet recording made a month ago here in the Mahicantuck (Hudson) Valley at the super sweet Dreamland studio (pinch me!).  It features Joe McPhee, Michael Bisio, Juma Sultan and myself.  I was privileged to mix it and can say, after many listens, I still love it and am excited for its release.

 In addition, Sima and I continue to deliver meals and groceries to people who need.  Sometimes its "routine" but other days, the response of some people can be very deep and moving.  Please support your local foodbanks and other mutual assistance programs (here in Kingston we have a couple of "community fridges" where people can leave groceries and meals and others can take them when they need in hopes that no one goes hungry).

So... all considered, it's not been too dull around here.  I really hope everyone reading this is safe, warm and healthy. 

Thanks for reading my ramble.


 Well... not sure if anyone still pays attention to this blog but... if you are still interested, I am beginning a new blog at: http://fredlonberg-holm.com

I can't promise a lot of posts but whatever I post will be there, not here.




Long time no see

I have no idea if anyone looks at this blog but...
In the continuing attempt to let people know what I am doing, I've decided to try to be more semi-regular in posting about some of my upcoming gigs.  Here's a few that I am especially looking forward to for the coming month:
On Friday, June 2 at 7 pm, the Chicago Plan (Gebhard Ullmann, Steve Swell, Michael Zerang, and I) will be performing on the Vision Fest in NYC.  The performance will be at the Judson Memorial Church (55 Washington Square S).  Tickets and more information about the festival can be found at http://www.artsforart.org/vf22.html.
Starting on Tuesday, June 13, and continuing for the following two Tuesdays in June, J@K@L (Keefe Jackson, Julian Kirshner, and I) will have a residency at the Burlington (3425 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL).  Each night will feature a different guest, with Josh Abrams on the 13th, Dave Rempis on the 20th, and Katie Young on the 27th.
Also, on Thursday, June 15, I will convene another Lightbox Orchestra at Elastic Arts (3429 W Diversey, 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL).  This will be a slightly different one than usual as its built around the music and core personnel of my band Stirrup.   In addition to Stirrup members Nick Macri and Charles Rumback, this version will feature Aaron Zarzutzki, Jen Clare Paulsen, Russ Johnson, Peter Maunu, Keefe Jackson, and Mars Williams.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Lightbox Orchestra, it is a non-gestural conduction system that I developed in the mid-‘90’s. Using a set of lights and cue cards, an ensemble of musicians and I work together to try and make something new.  For those of you who ARE familiar with the LBO though, this version will have more "melodies" and pre-determined harmonies (and beats) than a typical version.  This will be the first (maybe the last?) version like this.
Anyway, thanks for reading (and listening).


Happy Solstice!

Greetings friends and foes alike!  Festive greetings on this fine long day.  Am enjoying the holiday period and hope you are too.  Not much public stuff going on these next weeks but working on a lot of recording projects in various states of completion.  Let me know if you have a label and feel like you want to release something!  :)  In the late '80's I thought vinyl would soon dissapear so made a special effort to release at least one thing in electr-acoustic grooves.  Of course, I was wrong at the time but these days it feels like it might actually be the end of physical object releases and so... what better time to release as much as possible! Your grandchildren (should you have any) will thank you for keeping it real until the end (or curse you but... only time will tell!).
Anyway, here is a link to a non physical object:
its "free" even.  You can pay if you like.  So far one person did make a small donation.  Was very nice!  After there is enough to divide by 10 and give each player $5, I promise to do so.  Right now... thats a long ways away though.  But... I was very happy with the performance that night and the recording Dave and Wendy Zuchowski made. 
So... upcomings... Stirrup at the MCA on July 1.  We also are at the Charleston (Bucktown) on the 7th.  I will be in Porto, Portugal for a trio hit with Carlos Zingaro and Chris Corsano on the 12th.  The NRG ensemble has a gig in Mellenium park here in Chicago on the 31st as well. 
Ahhh... summer!

PS - Bush, Cheyney, Rice, Rumsfeld etc all still suck and instead of walking around telling people what they should do, they should be in isolation in a supermax with no media privileges whatsoever.



So... thanks to some troll who opened an account here just to show that he reads this and my even more dusty website I am back!  Not sure what the point of mocking my "Bush Sucks" comment at the bottom of my website (which I abandoned back more than 6 years ago and didn't even know still existed as I stopped paying Go-Daddy around then) but... some folks get paid to be pests (others are volunteers, yes) and so, aside from encouraging me to write a new post here.... not much to say about it except... Bush still sucks!  Having seen his paintings, its safe to say he has even found new and unexpected platforms to suck at.  Not only did he spend our money like a drunken sailor, kill thousands of innocent people, trash the constitution, mangle Shakespeare's name (and the language in general), he left the biggest mess in this country he could.  At least, unlike Dick, Condi, and Karl, he has the good sense to stay out of the limelight for the most part.  Anyway, how original the statement "Bush sucks" is is irrelevant.  Bush Sucked, sucks and will always suck.  Same for his CIA father, and his Nazi grandfather.  His Brothers too.  And definitely his progeny and his mother (yup, I went there!).
While I may express annoyance and dismay at the way Obama is handling the office, compared to Bush, well, he deserves a Nobel prize.  :)
Of course, the drones, the lies about the NSA, the meddling in other countries affairs, the continued slashing of domestic social service and cultural budget items, the pro corporate/bank policies etc, don't make him my favorite person either but... I never expect to like the president no matter who it is.  Anyone I would like, hasn't a chance in hell (or this country).
But... that's not the point of this blog.
This is...
4 w/NRG Ensemble @ the Hideout
5 w/ John Niekrasz and Jason Stein at Elastic
12 w/Aram Shelton Ensemble @ Constellation
13 w/Wrekmeister Harmonies @ Bohemian Cemetary
Then... scattered gigs.  A few worth noting:
July 1 - Stirrup @ MCA Chicago
July 12 - w/ Carlos Zingaro and Chris Corsano @Jazz no Parque of the Serralves Foundation in Portugal
July 31 w/ NRG Ensemble @ Millenium Park Chicago
August 31 w/ Stirrup @ Saalfelden Festival Austria
And... mid September - SUIII mini Midwest tour
October, France Norway...?
November - Belgium, Sweden...?
Of course, for local gigs, the best way to keep up is http://www.now-is.org/
And... my page on FB gets updated more than this blog I have to admit.
Oh and, on other news, later this summer am going to go to NYC to hang with some old friends and see this show:
Photos and drawings by my gramps!  He would have disliked Bush as well (although he was more articulate and perhaps would have said so in a more concise and original way).
Have a great summer!


SUIII 2013 tour!

7 antwerp - De Singer Rijkevorsel
8 london - Cafe Oto
9 london - Cafe Oto
10 paris - L'Instants Chavires
11 warsaw - Pardon, To Tu
12 vienna - Blue Tomato
13 wiekersheim - ClubW71
14 berlin - Studioboerne 45
15 copenhagen - Jazzhouse
17 oslo - MIR

Survival Unit III - Joe McPhee, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang.
Hope you can make it to one of these!


Late November, early December

Sorry again for the silence.  Plenty going on but...  that's no excuse!  :)
The near future:
29/11 Stavanger - Ny Musikk - Tou Scene - VCDC3
30/11Oslo - Fritt Fall - Vigelands Mausoleum - VCDC3
1/12 Trondheim - Fri Form - Moskus - VCDC3
3/12 Oslo - Blow Out!/Cafe Mir - w/ Party Knüllers (Ståle Liavik Solberg/FLH)
5/12 Amsterdam - OT301 - w/ Jodi Gilbert and then John Dikeman, Gonzo Almeida and George Hadow
6/12 Rotterdam - Poortgebouw - w/ Gonzo Almeida
7/12 to 17/12... Survival Unit III tour!  More details to come...