So... thanks to some troll who opened an account here just to show that he reads this and my even more dusty website I am back!  Not sure what the point of mocking my "Bush Sucks" comment at the bottom of my website (which I abandoned back more than 6 years ago and didn't even know still existed as I stopped paying Go-Daddy around then) but... some folks get paid to be pests (others are volunteers, yes) and so, aside from encouraging me to write a new post here.... not much to say about it except... Bush still sucks!  Having seen his paintings, its safe to say he has even found new and unexpected platforms to suck at.  Not only did he spend our money like a drunken sailor, kill thousands of innocent people, trash the constitution, mangle Shakespeare's name (and the language in general), he left the biggest mess in this country he could.  At least, unlike Dick, Condi, and Karl, he has the good sense to stay out of the limelight for the most part.  Anyway, how original the statement "Bush sucks" is is irrelevant.  Bush Sucked, sucks and will always suck.  Same for his CIA father, and his Nazi grandfather.  His Brothers too.  And definitely his progeny and his mother (yup, I went there!).
While I may express annoyance and dismay at the way Obama is handling the office, compared to Bush, well, he deserves a Nobel prize.  :)
Of course, the drones, the lies about the NSA, the meddling in other countries affairs, the continued slashing of domestic social service and cultural budget items, the pro corporate/bank policies etc, don't make him my favorite person either but... I never expect to like the president no matter who it is.  Anyone I would like, hasn't a chance in hell (or this country).
But... that's not the point of this blog.
This is...
4 w/NRG Ensemble @ the Hideout
5 w/ John Niekrasz and Jason Stein at Elastic
12 w/Aram Shelton Ensemble @ Constellation
13 w/Wrekmeister Harmonies @ Bohemian Cemetary
Then... scattered gigs.  A few worth noting:
July 1 - Stirrup @ MCA Chicago
July 12 - w/ Carlos Zingaro and Chris Corsano @Jazz no Parque of the Serralves Foundation in Portugal
July 31 w/ NRG Ensemble @ Millenium Park Chicago
August 31 w/ Stirrup @ Saalfelden Festival Austria
And... mid September - SUIII mini Midwest tour
October, France Norway...?
November - Belgium, Sweden...?
Of course, for local gigs, the best way to keep up is http://www.now-is.org/
And... my page on FB gets updated more than this blog I have to admit.
Oh and, on other news, later this summer am going to go to NYC to hang with some old friends and see this show:
Photos and drawings by my gramps!  He would have disliked Bush as well (although he was more articulate and perhaps would have said so in a more concise and original way).
Have a great summer!


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