Happy Solstice!

Greetings friends and foes alike!  Festive greetings on this fine long day.  Am enjoying the holiday period and hope you are too.  Not much public stuff going on these next weeks but working on a lot of recording projects in various states of completion.  Let me know if you have a label and feel like you want to release something!  :)  In the late '80's I thought vinyl would soon dissapear so made a special effort to release at least one thing in electr-acoustic grooves.  Of course, I was wrong at the time but these days it feels like it might actually be the end of physical object releases and so... what better time to release as much as possible! Your grandchildren (should you have any) will thank you for keeping it real until the end (or curse you but... only time will tell!).
Anyway, here is a link to a non physical object:
its "free" even.  You can pay if you like.  So far one person did make a small donation.  Was very nice!  After there is enough to divide by 10 and give each player $5, I promise to do so.  Right now... thats a long ways away though.  But... I was very happy with the performance that night and the recording Dave and Wendy Zuchowski made. 
So... upcomings... Stirrup at the MCA on July 1.  We also are at the Charleston (Bucktown) on the 7th.  I will be in Porto, Portugal for a trio hit with Carlos Zingaro and Chris Corsano on the 12th.  The NRG ensemble has a gig in Mellenium park here in Chicago on the 31st as well. 
Ahhh... summer!

PS - Bush, Cheyney, Rice, Rumsfeld etc all still suck and instead of walking around telling people what they should do, they should be in isolation in a supermax with no media privileges whatsoever.


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