Very sad news this morning, yesterday, at the age of 94, The great cellist Fred Katz, moved on to another dimension.  Special thanks to Hyman Katz for letting me know.
Most of you who read this know that I have been interested in and a fan of Fred's music for years. From his work with Chicago Hamilton to his solo projects to his work on the early "Word Jazz" and Harpo Marx projects to his film soundtrack and film and TV appearances, to his work as a musicologist he had a huge impact on me and on the music world in general.
Was lucky enough to meet him once.  We talked music (improvised and notated)(we shared love for Emmanuel Feuermann, Anthony Braxton and disdain for Bush and American foreign policy in general).
Anyway,  I just wanted to acknowledge the impact Fred had on my life and publicly say "Thank You Mr. Katz".

a photo of the master and I.  Taken by my friend Eric Bergkvist:


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