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I have no idea if anyone looks at this blog but...
In the continuing attempt to let people know what I am doing, I've decided to try to be more semi-regular in posting about some of my upcoming gigs.  Here's a few that I am especially looking forward to for the coming month:
On Friday, June 2 at 7 pm, the Chicago Plan (Gebhard Ullmann, Steve Swell, Michael Zerang, and I) will be performing on the Vision Fest in NYC.  The performance will be at the Judson Memorial Church (55 Washington Square S).  Tickets and more information about the festival can be found at http://www.artsforart.org/vf22.html.
Starting on Tuesday, June 13, and continuing for the following two Tuesdays in June, J@K@L (Keefe Jackson, Julian Kirshner, and I) will have a residency at the Burlington (3425 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL).  Each night will feature a different guest, with Josh Abrams on the 13th, Dave Rempis on the 20th, and Katie Young on the 27th.
Also, on Thursday, June 15, I will convene another Lightbox Orchestra at Elastic Arts (3429 W Diversey, 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL).  This will be a slightly different one than usual as its built around the music and core personnel of my band Stirrup.   In addition to Stirrup members Nick Macri and Charles Rumback, this version will feature Aaron Zarzutzki, Jen Clare Paulsen, Russ Johnson, Peter Maunu, Keefe Jackson, and Mars Williams.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Lightbox Orchestra, it is a non-gestural conduction system that I developed in the mid-‘90’s. Using a set of lights and cue cards, an ensemble of musicians and I work together to try and make something new.  For those of you who ARE familiar with the LBO though, this version will have more "melodies" and pre-determined harmonies (and beats) than a typical version.  This will be the first (maybe the last?) version like this.
Anyway, thanks for reading (and listening).


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