June busts

Greetings from Collinsville! Am holed up here getting ready for a few shows with Chris Mills. We are in Memphis tomorrow, then St. Louis Friday and Bloomington, Indiana Saturday. If you want to come, check the papers. All the shows are as support for Andrew Bird. Then, after that... well... some rehearsing and recording but not much giglike stuff for a couple of weeks.
In the middle of the month The Valentine trio will play the Empty Bottle Festival (of improvised and jazz music?) and the MCA (free show!) and some other things... check in for details.
Peace and love!
PS - am having a house sale on the 11th. Me and the Misses are trying to clear out some of the junk we never use. I think I will sell my Bouzouki (better as a wall ornament than anything), some vinyl, a few toys, some furniture, some housewares... you know. Email me if you want details.


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