end of may

Beginning of will!

So... the Friday Lightbox at UC is still on track. I procrastinated for ever (and had the 10tet tour to help keep me from doing it) on final additions for the band. Anyway... here it is
Jesse Seay - flute
Aram Shelton - clarinet
Ken Vandermark - clarinets
Jason Stein - bass clarinet
Kate Young - bassoon
Josh Berman - cornet
Ernst Karel - trumpet
Abe Gibson - violin
Amy Cimini - viola
Jason Roebke - bass
Matt Schneider - guitar
Michael Colligan - dry ice
Frank Rosaly - percussion

And me on the box.

Remind me if there is anything else I am supposed to be doing!
Next month starts with a bang (Chris Mills and I in Memphis, St. Louis and Bloomington). Later in the month... the Valentine trio at the Empty Bottle Festival (18th) and the MCA (21st) and a few other hits to be added to this blog later!
Be good...!


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