Hollywood here I come!

Actually, Hollywood is coming here. The Ms. and I are moving into the basement so our house can be a location for some film with Will Farrel and a few other big boxoffice dudes (and dudettes?). Anyway, I guess our house matched the vibe needed for the pad of Will's girlfriend who is a "funky" chick living in Chicago and working in a coffee shop or something. Anyway... we don't mind. We wanted to do a lot of work on the place and this will help fund it and they will pay for the moving crew to empty the place so... excelllent!
Don't bother asking me if I can get you in to meet Will or something as I will be away when he is here and doubt they would like you to drop in either.

As for live shit... Wednesday 15 - Improviser grab bag at the Bottle.... (free!)
Friday 17 - Steve Lacey's (not the deceased saxist) A&R Grease Band at Linda Warren gallery (free?)
Saturday 18 (4:00?) - Chris Mills and the New Miserable Bastards (I'm one) at the Randolph Street Fair (free?!?)
Saturday 18 (10:00) Valentine Trio at Empty Bottle Jazz Fest (not free!)
Tuesday 21 (6:00) Valentine Trio at the MCA on the patio (free!)
Tuesday 21 (10:00) Fast Citizens at the Bottle (cheap!)
Man... lotta free stuff! Hope you can afford it!
Party On!

PS - sorry about the yard sale announcement in the previous entry. It didn't happen (we are going to have one in July maybe!)


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