So... just realized its been a couple of months since last dropped anything here.  It wasn't a totally dead period though so sorry if I gave that impression.  Should have listed more things.  Of course, the FB FLH page is kept a little more up to date.  I don't think you need to have an account to look at it.
Highlights of the last couple of months however, have to include playing with Lotte Anker and Ikue Mori on the A'Larmee Festival in Berlin, jamming with Akira Sakata, Paal Nilssen-Love and Ketil Gutvik at Stein och Jod, Recording at Rainbow in Oslo with Stine Asmunsen, Vidar Johanson and Staale Liavik Solberg (the legendaryJan Erik Kongshaug at the controls!), SUIII at Elastic (Joe!), an NRG gig at Constellation, the Tomeka Reid String Ensemble in Austin, Marvin Tate's residency at the Hideout, and of course, the Fast Citizens "gathering".  Lots of other fun stuff as well.
BUT... the point of this blog is not to dwell in the past but to look forward.
Here are my known September public events:

7 - Gallery 914 - Stumble (w/ Gutzeit & Zerang)
8 - Ess - w/ Stein Roebke Zerang
9 - Myopic - w/ Alex Inglizien
11 - Hideout - w/ Ken Vandermark (solos and duo)
12 - Sugar Maple MWK) - same as 11th
15 (afternoon) - Incubator (afternoon) - Tomeka Reid project w/ Todd Carter, Alex Inglizien, FLH
15 (night) - Constellation - FLH chamber compositions played by James Falzone, Jeff Kimmel, Liliana Wosko, Anton Hatwich, Ben Boye.  Also M. Lux Ensemble
17 - Whistler - w/ NML (Niekrasz, Montana, LH)
21 - Heaven - duos with Ken Vandermark
22 -  ExpoChicago - solo
all these gigs (and many others) in detail at http://www.now-is.org/

Come by if you can.  Say hi if you do!
Peace (and call your reps to let them know if you are opposed to bombing Syria!).


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