May 2013

First, thanks to the folks who wrote or said "hi" at a gig and said the read this blog.  Much appreciated!  Will do my best to update this page from time to time.
Now, the schedule...
2 Copenhagen w/ Lotte Anker, Nina DeHeney, Lisa Uhlen @ Literaturhus
4 Oslo w/Staale Liavik Solberg @ Mono
5 Oslo Solo @ Stein og Jord Platebar
6 Copenhagen w/ Sture Ericson and Martin Klapper @ Mayhem 
8 Copenhagen w/ Ericson and Klapper @ TBA
9 Malmö w/ Anders Lindsjö and Jakob Riis @ Ping-Pong Gallery
10 Copenhagen w/ Lotte Anker and Koichi Makigami@ Jazz House
13 Poznan w/ Adam Goliebeski (Vandermark is playing a solo set too and we are talking a possible trio) @ Dragon
14, Zug w/Bereberg @ Burgbachkeller
16 Luxerne w/Bereberg @ Musikforum, 
17  Winterthur w/Bereberg @ Esse,
18 Zurich w/Bereberg @ Bibliotheka Haratorri
22-26 Midwest tour with Stirrup.  Milwaukee, Dubuque, Champaign-Urbana, South Bend and Chicago.  More on that later!
Happy May Day!  Get out and be counted!


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