Rest of June and early July:

6/26 - w/ Melaku Belay's Fendika and guests - Hideout
6/27 - w/ Staale Liavik Solberg and Keefe Jackson - Elastic
6/29 - w/ SL Solberg and Brian Labycz - Heaven
7/2 - Stirrup - Whistler
7/3 - w/ Dana Jessen, Jeff Kimmel, and Mike Reed  - Hideout
7/9 - Stirrup - MCA
7/11 - w/ Chris Brown - Elastic

General commentary:  Have been in midwest time for a little over a month.  Feeling about as un-jetlagged as I have in years.  While its great to travel and meet so many wonderful listeners (some soundmaking listeners, others silent) I have to admit it feels good to be home (or near home) for a while.  Besides, playing South Bend, Champaign, Dubuque, Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis etc is good too!  On that note, have to thank the organizers who did there very best to make all of those gigs a pleasure.
That said, am looking forward to August when I will be in Berlin for a few days (playing with Anker and Mori at A'Larmee).  Also a possible Scandinavia trip right after that). Then... October and beyond when a little more international stuff is scheduled (including and SUIII tour in December)(contact me/us if you have any suggestions for venues as the booking is still relatively flexible).
And even more general commentary:  While irritated with some of the SCOTUS decisions of late (especially the gutting of the VRA) was glad to hear DOMA was struck down.  Congrats to all the newly-weds!


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