tour diary?

So... what a week the McPhee trio tour was! I don't know how many thousands of miles of train tracks we have ridden on but enough to last a while for most people for sure. An average of three connections a day and we only missed one (an Italian train, no surprise?). In spite of it all the tripping it was worthwhile if for no other reason than the music. Thanks to Joe and Michael for putting up with me!

Memorable non music events have to include drinking in Florence while waiting for our 2:00 am train... celebrating Joe's birthday with the "Bielefeld girls" (a shout out to Anna, Sabine and Sigge!)... listening to the spinning display cases at the Venice Airport (worth checking out but you have to be there when the airport is officially closed and nobody is making any sounds).

Anyway, after the hell ride from Zagreb-Venice-Amsterdam-Oslo-Stavengar I hooked up with the excellent Vandermark 5 and since then its been almost TOO civilized! It did take a day to recover from the travelling of the previous week but 3 gigs in Norway (with pleasant flights from one to the next) and then a Flight to Madrid where we are hanging for a few days until the next gig and now feel as good as new. Too bad its wet and cold here but... the anchovies make up for it! Check the previous post for the schedule from here on out.

So... after the V5 tour, its some solo/ad-hoc small group tour and then back home for a few midwest gigs with Jorrit Dykstra and the Flatland Collective (dates coming!) and then the V5 at the Bottle on December 13 and then the Valentine trio on the 16th at Danny's and then...?


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