end of 8 - start of 9

Sunday the 28th - Falzone, Baker, Zerang, Lonberg-Holm at the Hungry Brain (Late!)
Tuesday the 30th - The Selfhaters reunion gig! Some place in New York. Check Local listings.
Wednesday the 31st - Small groups with Anthony Coleman and Co. at Barbes in Brooklyn
Friday the 2nd - Chris Mills 5tet in St. Louis (Fredricks?)
Saturday the 3rd - Chris Mills in Chicago (Schubas?)(the big band!- 10 people crammed on one tiny stage!)
Sunday the 4th - Daniel Daggaro and Co (guest Anthony Coleman!) at Hungry Brain
then... Chris Mills and the New Misereable Bastards on the road supporting Lucero
8th - Nashvile (where?)
9th - Atlanta
10th _ Orlando
11th - Gainesville
13th - Richmond
14th - DC
16th - NY
18th - Boston
20th - Cleveland
21st - Detroit
22nd - Covington, KY
23rd - Chicago
24th - Milwaukee
Check local papers for venues and showtimes!
BTW - I turned on the comments feature so my friends can write whatever smart ass shit they want but... the turd who left the spam as a comment is no friend of mine and if I could, I would delete it. Anybody know how to do this? have been looking over the control panels but seem to be missing the option. Thanks!


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