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Okay... Am pretty much all better now. Thanks again to Chris for taking me on what, in spite of my infirmaries, turned out to be a very enjoyable trip (in no small part due to the excellent Mr. Hembrey and Mr. Dodds). Thanks also to Lucero and Limbeck for being such swell dudes even when I was not able to keep up with the party.
So, am back. Here again...
September 28 - Empty Bottle w/ Ken Vandermark and Frank Rosaly and Tim Daisy.
September 30/October 1 - Green Mill w/ the V5 (my first gigs with this long standing and excellent band!).
October 2 - Fast Citizens at Pilsen arts fair in early evening and then Guillermo Gregorio Ensemble at Empty Bottle.
October 3 - W/Gregorio again, this time at the Hungry Brain.
October 4 - W/ Vandermark, Jeff Parker, Nate McBride at the Empty Bottle.
October 8 - w/Michael Zerang and Michael Colligan in Milwaukee (Livingroom - 900 South 5th St.)
Then its off to Donauerschingen (spelling?) to start two months in Europe. Will post dates and info soon.
Meanwhile, thanks to all you sharpwits who like to comment here. BTW, the photo is actually a photo-shop collage of two photos of myself.

Impeach Bush!


At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a visit to Chicago this weekend a friend took me to the Green Mill for a drink. What a plesent surprise to see your performance there. While I'm not a big fan of modern music I did enjoy listening to you play the saxophone.


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