Its going to get kinda chilly they say...
McPhee, Zerang and I...
11/01 Poitiers (F) - Carree Bleue
11/02 Saarbrücken (D) - Künstlerhaus
11/03 Vienna (A) - Blue Tomato
11/04 Florence (I) - Musicus Conc.
11/05 Ulrichsberg (A) - Jazzatelier
11/06 Maribor (Slo) - Narodni Dom
11/07 Zagreb (Cro) - KSET Club
Vandermark 5...
11/09                Stavanger   STING
11/10                 Oslo             BLA
11/11                 Bergen        NATT
11/13 Vigo TBA
11/15                 Terrassa       TBA
11/16                 Salamanca TEATRO De CAJA DUERO
11/17                 Madrid          BOGUI  CLUB
11/19               Liviv/Urkaine  PHILHARMONIC HALL
11/20               Poznan          ESTRADA  POZNANSKA
11/21              Wroclaw       FIRLEI  CLUB
11/22+23 Cracow           ALCHEMIA
11/ 24               Salzburg         JAZZIT
11/25                Geneve           A.M.R
11/26                Winterthur  JAZZ IN WINTHERTHUR
11/27               Venice           TEATRO FONDAMENTA
Solo and ad-hoc ensembles...
11/29 Lucerne BOA
11/30 Greifswald CAFE KOEPPEN w/Schärli, Glauser, Unternährer
12/1 Berlin AUSLAND w/Doerner
12/2 Nickelsdorf JAZZGALLERIE w/?

Run Run Run!

PS-Wanna read some reviews of the Valentine Trio's latest?
John Kelman:
Nils Jacobson:
Troy Collins:
Sven Clays:

PPS- a found poem courtesy of Googles translator doing a good one on some shipping info links for a chinese mailorder website...
it comes and confronts the store and
by the your reservation calendar car and comes
by the store methodological streetcar circumstances
inside the store methodological


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