Eventually, one must give in...

After days of saying, "oh yeah, the worst is over, I am finally getting better" I realized it was not so and... went to the emergency room after the gig the other night and... it turns out, I had developed pneumonia! Oh well, now I know. Fortunately it was still fairly early and a short course of antibiotics and some high-test cough syrup is all I needed (they pumped 3 litres of fluids into me too but I think that might have been more for the theater of it but... anyway...). They (the docs, nurses, techs and transporters) were super nice. The nurse who initially saw me (Michael?) was as conscientious and thoughtful as any I have ever met and the main Doc I saw (Doctor Freeman!) was awesome and had a fiddle tattoo on his shoulder and plays bluegrass music, like... how cool is that?!
Anway, I don't think anyone goes to emergency rooms just because... but if you need ER services in Boston, you should go to the Boston Medical Center. I really have to thank all the folks there for the treatment and of course, the guys in the band for waiting for me (they slept in the van outside the ER since they weren't sure how long I would have to stay and didn't want to abandon me)(Love!).
Peace, love, read and listen!


At 1:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Fred, I was looking at your "About Me" photograph...which one is you?


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