Heya, Keepin cool?
A few upcomings...
August 7 - duos w/Peter Brotzmann at the Bottle (I think).
August 13 - Valentine Trio at The Charleston
August 16 - Valentine at the MCA (last chance).
August 18 - Oslo w/Brotzmann 10tet
August 19 - Antwerp w/ 10tet
August 30&31 - NY w/Anthony Coleman et al (Selfhaters reunion!)
September is Chris Mills month! Will post tour dates soon.
Meanwhile... aaahhh Bourbon and Coke (w/lime!) Am calling it a Kentucky Libre. Let me know if there is another name for it.
Love and Peace (and Justice too!) - War is not the Answer.


At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Dan Grzeca said...

Awesome! I plan on bringing my 8 week old Ella to see you at the MCA!


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