well... perhaps the most immoral administration in US history is re-elected because of its strong "moral" appeal. Oh well... fuck you and your god! My god is sending you and your god to hell... donchaknow?

Anyway... have been derelect about keeping this thing up to date. Jeb Bishop wrote this:
The Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet is performing with guest performer Mike Pearson as part of the Chicago Humanities Festival. The work to be performed, called "Be Music, Night," features poems by Kenneth Patchen, read by Mike, accompanied or otherwise by the band.
The performance is at 8 PM on Sunday, Nov. 7th, at the Thorne Auditorium at 375 E. Chicago Avenue -- part of Northwestern University's law school campus downtown.

That was so much more complete than anything I ever write. Thanks Jeb!

After that we (THE 10TET minus Mike) will play in Milwaukee on Monday. On Tuesday, Joe McPhee and Zerang and I are in Ann Arbor. The next night we are back here at the Cultural Center (Da Mayor!) On Thursday Flockterkit (Shelton/Karel/Rosaly/Roebke/LH) is at the 3030.
Saturday the 13th my trio with Jason Roebke is at the Charleston. Rosaly can't come but Jason Adashevitz is going to take the sticks.

And to all you republicans... wait until next time!


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