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Yeah... the last gig i posted was several days ago now. Oh well...
I am in Arizona right now chilling wth my buddy Michael Krassner working on a secret project for the government (no kidding!).
Anyway... after this, its off to visit the folks for Turkey and then a few days in NYC working on some stuff for the future (my string quartet might finally get played a decade after it was written).
I will be doing a solo set at Barbes in Brooklyn on the 1st of December and then play some improvised small group things with a cast of New Yorkers invited by Michael Attias. I will post their names when I remember.
On the 3rd there is an opening of "art" by "musicians" at Corbett vs. Dempsey in Chicago. Some of the artists include Han Bennink, Peter Brotzmann, Sun Ra, Sebi Tramontana, Michael Hurley, Anthony Braxton, Michael Snow, Iue Mori, Chrstina Kubisch Pee Wee Russell and on and on... sheez! A lot to look at. Anyway...
Back to work... shhh!


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