Ouch... the gig at the Bottle with Sture Ericson was last night... not tonight. I was there but you, faithful reader of the fredsgigs blog are there tonight (maybe?) There is still a chance to hear this great unknown saxist from Sweden via Copenhagen on Friday at the Stick. He will be playing with Zerang, Baker and I.
Bush is Evil.
Monday the 25th Second Citizen plays the HideOut. I was going to play a short opening set with the Second Citizen Rhythm section and guest Paul Hartsaw but instead I am going to play a gig with yakuza Bruce opening for John cale at the Double Door. I will miss his set because the 2nd citizens will be hurt if I skip their gig.
rest oof the usual news...
Bush is Evil.
Tuesday is a hit at the Hottie Biscotti with Onion cover boy Jason Solliday.
Bush is Evil.
Thursday the 28th is a double bill with Kent Kessler ensemble and Josh Berman 4tet. I am playing in both...!
I will sit in with my buds Manishevitz opening for Wilco at the Auditorium Theater in the loop on All Hallows Eve.
Don't forget the Brotzmann 10tet is coming in November and Joe Mcphee will stay after to play a gig here and in Ann Arbor with Michael Zerang and I.
Bush is Evil.
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