gig update

Ken Vandermark's Territory Band is rehearsing for shows on Saturday in Milwaukee and Sunday here in Chicago. This time the band is the same as last except Per-Oke Holmlander couldn't make it and Lasse Marhug replaces Kevin Drumm.

Axel Doerner of the T-Band is staying after to do a few small gigs. We will play a quartet with Jason Roebke and Michael Zerang at Heaven on the 1st of October and he will play at Myopic Books on the 4th (with?). In between we will play duos in Bloomington Indiana (the 2nd) at The Loving Heart Counseling Center, 111 E. Kirkwood and Lexington Kentucky (the 3rd) (address?). Maybe someone will go to both of them (heh!)

Right after that am playing with the Charlie Kolhase 4tet at the Bottle. that Friday the Kedzie terrorists (as some call them) play at the Candlestick Maker. A trio with Dave Rempis and Kent Kessler plays the next day at the WNUR festival (jazz?) and the next night Jim Baker, Kessler, Zerang and I play the Hungry Brain... the next night (Monday?) am playing Myopics legendary free improvised music workshop with Thomas Mejer and Paul Giallorenzo and Eric Leonardson.
Later that night (Monday the 11th) Will be doing something at the Hideout. Will post when we figure that out.

Let me know if you need details.


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