This Friday the Kedzie terrorists (as some call them) play at the Candlestick Maker. A trio with Dave Rempis and Kent Kessler plays the next day at the WNUR festival (jazz?) and the next night (Sunday) Jim Baker, Kessler, Zerang and I play the Hungry Brain... the next night (Monday?) am playing Myopics legendary free improvised music workshop with Thomas Mejer and Paul Giallorenzo and Eric Leonardson.
Later that night (Monday the 11th) Will be doing something at the Hideout. Some of the usual guys are out of town so... Mike Reed will be drumming and... Berman, Jackson and Hatwich and I will play a tune or two and...?
Thursday the 14th am trio-ing with Frank Rosaly and Keefe Jackson at 3030. The next night another trio with Thomas Mejer and Paul Giallorenzo.
Flockterkit (Aram Shelton, Ernst Karel, Jason Roebke and I) are at the Candlestick Maker the next night (16th?)
On Sunday, Lotte Anker is playing at the Brain (Phrenology fest). It looks like I will sit in but the next night am doing a Lightbox Orchestra gig on the Brain Phrenology Fest. Lotte will sit in as will Sture Ericsson (another Scandic saxist). The rest of the band... is huge, will add names next time.
That Monday (the 18th) Lotte and Sture will both play at Myopic with local cats... tba. That's early... the LBO gig is late. Whew!
Sture will stay to play acouple of other hits (the Bottle on that Wednesday for instance).
Don't forget the Brotzmann 10tet is coming in November and Joe Mcphee will stay after to play a gig here and in Ann Arbor with Michael Zerang and I.
Let me know if you need more details,


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