On the 10th am doing a mini lightbox at Buddy in collaboration wiith Stephen Lapsithophon as part of the Whitewalls exhibition. It will be pretty multimedia-esque. Rotten Milk, Eleanor Balson, Ernst Karel, Junko Hartmann and I all manipulating texts read by a computer and bits of my cello playing. Its going out into the ether so... look for it.

Second Citizen returns to the Hideout on the 13th. Keefe Jackson... Aram Shelton... Josh Berman... Anton Hatwhich....Frank Rosaly... me...

Manishevitz hits the Bottle on the 17th.

A trio with Keefe Jackson and Frank Rosaly plays the Brain the 19th on a bill with Keith Rowe.

The end of the month is dedicated to Ken Vandermark's Territory Band. Mostly we will be rehearsing and recording but we will play a gig in Milwaukee and one here in Chicago. I will sneak out on the 23rd to play duos with Bruce Lamont of Yakuza (the band) at 3030.

Axel Doerner of the T-Band is staying after to do a few small gigs. We will play a quartet with Jason Roebke and Michael Zerang at Heaven on the 1st and he will play at Myopic Books on the 4th (with?). In between we will play duos in Bloomington Indiana (the 2nd) at The Loving Heart Counseling Center, 111 E. Kirkwood and Lexington Kentucky (the 3rd) (address?). Maybe someone will go to both of them (heh!)

Let me know if you need details.


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