Upcoming gigs

Tonight (Sunday the 29th) am playing with my trio at the Hungry Brain.
Tommorow is a gig with Second Citizen at the Hideout.
Thursday at Schuba's Chris Mills and the City that Works. He is an ex Chicago singer songwriter who comes back to relive the good times from time to time.
The 5th of September I am back at the Brain with James Falzone and Allos Ensemble.
On the 10th am doing a mini lightbox at Buddy in collaboration wiith Stephen Lapsithophon as part of the Whitewalls exhibition. It will be pretty multimedia-esque.
Manishevitz hits the Bottle on the 17th.
A trio with Keefe Jackson and Frank Rosaly plays the Brain the 19th on a bill with Keith Rowe.
let me know if you need details.

BTW - the Lightbox vynil only release with the Brotzmann 10tet on one side and Sebi Tremontana's come Sunday ensemble on the other is oozing out of the box this month. Like Molasses in winter, its been real slow in arriving but... with only 500 copies made, it should disappear before the ink on the hand screened covers is really dry.


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