Time flies!

Just realized its been a while. The iPod isn't so good with the blogspot software so its a little less convenient to do this from the road.
Anyway... The Seval tour was great. The music got better all the time and the band members are all so nice that they can put up with me even! :)
We are playing this summer at Hagen Festen and in the fall at the Umeå Jazz Fest. Nice reviews have been popping up as well. If you are or know a promoter who might be interested in presenting us, let me know.
After that, spent a week in Copenhagen courtesy of Ms Lotte Anker. We played a gig and did some recording. Am looking forward to hearing the results of that as well as a session with Sture Ericsson. Also a nice gig with PO Jorgens and Johs Lund. And a cool session with two young Danes (Jakob and Bjoern) who work under the name the BodaBoda duo.
Got some work done on the charts for the next Fast Citizens record as well.
Then to Amsterdam. Nice gigs with Jodi Gilbert, Wilbert DeJoode and Alan Purvis and Sean Bergin.
Now in Berlin until the tentet tour starts. For once trying to just be a tourist here although... One gig:
15.04.11 @NOI
Axel Dörner - trumpet
Fred Lonberg-Holm - cello
Steve Heather - drums
Warschauer Straße 70, 10243 Berlin Friedrichshein

Have been at the big old museums otherwise. The Pergamon is amazing.

Here's the schedule for the 10tet tour:

17th April - 20:30h
Rote Fabrik - Zurich (CH)

18th/19th/20th April
Cafe OTO - London (UK)

21st/22nd/23dt April
Cafe ADA - Wuppertal (DE)

24th April
Internationale Theaterhaus Jazztage - Stuttgart (DE)

25th - DAY OFF

26th April - 20:30 Uhr
Eigenbetrieb Bildung und Kultur der Stadt Rüsselsheim - Rüsselsheim (DE)

27th April - 20:30h
Bimhuis - Amsterdam (NL)

28th April - 22:00h (exact time tbc)
Vooruit - Gent (BE)

29th - SUIII (McPhee/Lonberg-Holm/Zerang) @ St. Johan Tyrol, Austria

30th April - 19:00h
A38 - Budapest (HU)

Come if you can!
Peace (and throw the "bums" out!). :)


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