(A "turntable' pillow made by Nour Taha Arnold!)
Some gigs!
Tonight (Saturday) - Duos with Aaron Zarzutzki @ Heaven
Sunday - Stirrup (w/Macri and Rumback) @ the Hungry Brain
Thursday - Sherpa (w/ Branch and Summerfield) @ Elastic
Friday - Duos with Piotr Michalowski (multi reedist from Ann Arbor) @ Enemy

Am looking forward to all of these. Let me know if you want more details. These are my last gigs in Chicago before leaving town for six weeks so if you are in Chicago, come say 'bye! :)

After that I am going to do a short tour with Seval (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1370139970#!/pages/Seval/119159904807715). We are playing in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and England. More info can be gotten at the fb page. Our debut record is out now on 482. Its a vinyl/download combo. Don't have a turntable? No worries, get it anyway. You can download it for now and have the vinyl for the future (when of course you will have a turntable again as its impossible to live for too long without one, right?). :)

Then some gigs in Denmark, Holland, Belgium and possibly Poland (details coming at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1370139970#!/pages/Fred-Lonberg-Holm/33236290444).

Then a little vacation before the Broetzmann tentet convenes for a rolling festival celebrating Peter's 70th orbit around the sun! Germany, England, Hungary, Holland... full info at: http://www.talklang.de/ Near the end the SUIII sneaks out for a night to do a little job in Austria (details coming and again will be posted on the fb page and here I hope.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is doing things that make them happy and hopefully the world a better place for all.




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