Election time

time out for politics:

So... last time we in Chicago chose Aldermen (City Council reps), my district ditched the devil we knew (Matlak) for one we didn't... Scott Waguespack. He turned out to be about as decent a guy as one could have in City Council (surprise!). No Daley rubberstamper, he was one of the few to sound the alarm over the LAZ deal on the meters way early. A few more people like him and... we might stil own our parking spaces. He also was proactive and accessible in the debate over the "promoters ordinance" that would have been a disaster for independent underground venues of the type I frequent. His regular emails keep me posted on the local school events and the farmers market and bike rides and... well... liked him enough to vote for him again. I do wish he would have responded to my queries about IRV but... no one is perfect! AM going to try again after the election.

On the other hand, he must be driving some deep pocket types crazy as this time he has several shady dudes all trying to grab enough votes to put the race into run-off.

All of them look vaguely like him (Wicker Park Domestic Shorthairs is the breed I think) :) and don't really have much of interest to offer (except candidate Lynch who peddles fear like he's auditioning to be a Fox contributor)(see photo attached).

Anyway, have been getting robo calls from these guys and even a "live" human for Candidate Pavlik. In that instance, in an effort to slow her down and reduce the number of calls she could make I engaged her in a chat.

She quickly revealed she knew nothing about him aside from what was written on her script. She made a point of his being born in the 32nd (our ward). I asked her if she had been, she said no. She also told me she had never lived in the 32nd. I thought that was interesting as it seemed odd that someone would volunteer outside their own ward. She then told me (in a tone that sounded like, "what kind of fool do you think I am?") that she was getting paid "of course"!

Who the fuck is paying her? I told her I hoped it was a "living wage" but thought to myself, 2 bucks an hour would be to much for her "skills."

Anyway... I let her go then but first told her that a person being paid to read a script (badly I might add) who doesn't even live in my ward is not very convincing.

But the prize for offensive nonsense has to go to Mr. Lynch.

The card I scanned and attached here speaks volumes. Am not sure where he gets his data from. While yes, crime (and how we can improve the situation) is an issue, I know that the pictures he included are not of people in my district (or possible from this planet!). How he can create a rogues gallery of imaginary boogey men to scare the folks is beyond me. And his solution? More cops! What a jerk.

So... for the first time in my life, I have an official campaign poster in my front window. Go Waguespack!



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