2011 gets started

A quiet couple of weeks here. Plowing through old tapes (trying to consolidate and reduce the boxes of nonsense) (thanks Seonaid Valiant!) and playing the tenor guitar a lot around the house (thanks Joe Mills!), writing for some groups I like to write for and... doing the "office."
AM however, playing a gig with John Dikeman at Elastic on Thursday and Jeff Kimmel at Myopic next Monday (the 10th) and... who knows!
Mid month I am in Oslo for a few days (solo and a first meeting type thing @ the All Ears Fest) and then hit the road for a week with Peter Brötzmann playing duos.

17 London - Oto
18 Köln - Loft
20 Rijkevorsel/Antwerp - Singer
21 Vienna - Blue Tomato
22 Schöndorf/Stuttgart - Manufaktur
24 Geneva - Cave 12
25 Lucerne - Keller Industriestrasse 9

Then I am hanging out for a few days in CH (a house concert or two) and then Berlin where am playing with Clayton Thomas and Johannes Bauer at NOI. Am told its "a small, but nice bar on Warschauerstrasse." There might be another thing but... will have to add that later.
See you on the road?


At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey just wondering going back a bit how was the reception in Lexington, KY in November?

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Fred lonberg-Holm said...

Hey Anonymous!
Thanks for dropping by. If you mean the gig with Rempis and Nilssen-Love... the whole tour was great and Lexington was no exception.

At 8:01 PM, Blogger Gian Paolo Galasi said...

Hi Fred,
I posted today on my blog about All Ears:http://completecommunion.blogspot.com/2011/01/listening-with-all-ears.html

Sorry for your photos (you'll see) but my little panasonic couldn't do better ...

Next week there would be also an italian review at www.elapsus.it. Check it out!

See ya.


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