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Well... blogging isn't really in my blood or so it seems but... had to reject about 30 spam "comments just now and thought I would drop a friendly note to the blogosphere.
Things are good if not hectic. Just got back from 2 weeks on the Pacific Northwest coast. Played with a bunch of fine folks at "Time Flies" in Vancouver (a different vibe than usual there while the corporate elite prepared to stifle dissent among the masses but... that's a different story), and the "SIMF" in Seattle. In between a very nice gig in Portland.
Now am preparing for a short (4 gig) tour playing duos with Peter Broetzmann (Ann Arbor, Lexington, Milwaukee and Chicago) and then head to Switzerland to end off the month with Isa Wiss and Marc Unternahrer and Jason Stein (Lost Lucy is the name of the band). Then a duo hit with Charlotte Hug and a week in Scandinavia (Staale Liavik and Stina Motland) and run home to play some here with Sture E and then... well... anyway.
I owe a lot of people a lot of thank yous but mondo ones to Brad W, Winston S and Thorsten M for putting the last two weeks of snow free music fun together!
On the political front, had to laugh when I heard Daley is now anti war and wants to know why we aren't out in the streets. If he will guarantee that his thugs won't round us up and drive us to the farthest police station and release us at 2:00 in the morning with no public transportation to get home, well... I'm there! I know its wimpy to put such things ahead of opposing the war but... his honorable self could definitely do more than ask rhetorical questions. Maybe he could lead a march!
US out of A-stan, P-stan, Yemen, Iraq, Iran... While were at it, dismantle the NED and School of the Americass (sic), cut off support to the dictator of Honduras and the several other dozen military dictatorships we support!
Peace to everyone!


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