time flies

Jeeez! Last time was in August or something. Anyway, that email was griping about the trip to Norway and now, that gig is already out on Okka so I know its been a long time.
Anyway, its cold here now.
I apologize for being so slack with this and I know not everyone can access myspace but I keep a schedule there which was the main reason for doing this "blog" and so... I am going to let it fade into the internet haze.
Hugs to you the few friends of fredsgigs.blogspot.com

PS - I heard recently that each computer server has roughly the same carbon footprint as an suv and that the planets server population has a combined carbon footprint equal to that other "awesome" industry, the airlines and yet, I would not like to go back to the middle ages where nobody went anywhere or knew what was going on on the next town let alone continent. Yikes!


At 11:09 PM, Blogger J said...

My name is Bryan Chandler, I'm a dj at KUSF 90.3 fm in San Francisco.
I recently created a new audio archive and blog which streams many of the excellent and wide-ranging programs that we broadcast on KUSF. I record all the shows from the on-the-air FM broadcasts via a stereo tuner, and then I post the shows for listening anytime.
This is quite obviously a labor of love that takes a lot of daily effort, so I really hope you'll check out some of the shows at your pleasure. 
Here is the website: http://www.kusf-archives.com/
The KUSF website is here: www.kusf.org. 
Thanks and best regards,


Here is a bonus Personal Blog of Music from WKSU-FM, Kent State University which hosted a Program called Fresh Air-Progressive Music (before NPR's Terry Gross Program) at 50,000 Watts Stereo in the 70's and 80's, of which I was the Music Director with a host of DJ's, and the style was freeform radio in Northeast Ohio. Some of these DJ's Now work for NPR as Producers and DJ's Nationally.



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