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Many apologies to the few who still look here for updates. I will try to keep up on it better. I am working on a website that should be accessible to all and will post here when it is up and running with a calendar etc!
In the meanwhile... greetings from Norway! The Brotzmann 10tet convened to play a gig at the Molde Festival. This is about as far away from Chicago as I have ever gone for just one hit. Am not entirely comfortable with the environmental costs of such forays but... "when on earth, do as the earthlings" is what I am told.
To make the trip more memorable, the check-in walla at O'Hare gave me a new pseudonym. My new rock and roll/porn name is Spencer B. Long! I caught it about 5 minutes after walking away from the counter and then had to go back to try to sort out the luggage thing. The 'cello was still there but the suitcase was gone. I ended up retrieving and rechecking it at the first transfer (very much confusing the staff there). To make matters worse, the flight out of O'Hare had sat on the runway for almost 4 hours before taking off and so.. we missed our connections and the entire trip took about 27 hours and... today we start the reverse. We fly to Oslo this evening and spend the night at the airport and then fly in the morning to Stockholm and then Chicago. Hopefully there will be no missed connections. The saying is "the music is free, we get paid for the traveling." In this case, I figured out that I barely made what the Chicagoistas call a "living wage" for my time in transit. Good thing I like playing in the band! (Really!) (you know it!)
Norway though, is beautiful. On the other hand, its about as expensive a place as I have ever been. A small bottle of water at the corner news stand is $3. Today can take a boat ride to an island for a "free" lunch (for "artists") but am not sure how much the boat ride will cost! Had a fantastic "free" dinner last night (won't tell you what, but it was unusual...) but made the mistake of having a couple of glasses of wine not realizing I would have to pay for them and... while the wine was much better than the usual crap I drink, they worked out to about $20 per glass! Holy smokes!
Anyway... here are some of the gigs I have coming up. They are all in Chicago so... I shouldn't have any crazy travel days (a couple of them, I can even ride my bike to) and for the cost of one glass of wine here, I can get plastered! (but I don't condone drunk bike riding!)
Lotsa love and keeeesses!

Jul 31 2007
Elastic - Eric Leonardson FLH Duo
Aug 2 2007
Velvet Lounge - Keefe Jackson Quintet
Aug 3 2007
Elastic - Telegraph Series record release
Aug 5 2007
Hungry Brain - Els Vanderveer and friends
Aug 6 2007
Empty Bottle - Overova (Roebke/Adasiewicz/FLH)
Aug 7 2007
Empty Bottle - Friction Brothers (Zerang/Colligan/FLH)
Aug 9 2007
Velvet Lounge - Vandermark Double 4tet
Aug 10 2007
Velvet Lounge - Vandermark 5
Aug 11 2007
Festival Italiana! - Chris Mills and the New Misereable Bastards (early)
Velvet Lounge - Ken Vandermark's Frame 4tet (late)
Aug 18 2007
Heaven Gallery - Chicago Sound Map 2007 (My piece One Light Bandit)


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