OOOkay! A bunch of films (Thanks Cugs!) and a bottle of bourbon (Thanks Mitch!) and away we go...
Tonight (1/8) - The Brain w/ Paul Giallorenzo and Mike Reed
1/9 - Sylvie's w/ Jeb Bishop and Nate McBride
1/11 - Chris Mills big band at the Hideout
1/13 - UC with John Corbett (lecturing) and me (solo improvisations)
1/16 - Sylvies w/ Guillermo Gregorio and Schubas with Darin Gray and Micael Zerang.
1/18 - Chris Mills big band at Hideout

Coming up... Vandermark 5 North America (Eastern end) tour.
Jan 24 - Milwaukee
Jan 25 - St. Paul
Jan 26 Chicago
Jan 27 - Detroit
Jan 28 - Toronto
Jan 29 - Montreal
Jan 31 - New York
Feb 01 - Hyde Park
Feb 02 Philadelphia
Feb 03 - Arlington
Feb 05 - Lexington

See you?


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