Its hot! No surprise there. Am staying in and working on the 25 or so things I wanted to do this summer. Among them, building a sound processor from a kit made by Todd Bailey. Will let you know how it comes out.
First... forgot to mention last time that Roebke, Labycz and I played Myopic on Monday (July 31st). Sorry! Shoulda been there!
Anyway... upcomings...
August 10 - Kent Kessler, Steve Hunt and I at the new Velvet Lounge.
August 17 - Lasse Marhaug, Paal Nilsen-Love, Anton Hatwich and I at the still new Velvet Lounge.
August 18 - David Stackenas and I play duos and Jaimie Branch, Axel Doerner, Toby Summerfield and I play quartets at the Ice Factory.
August 19 - Vandermark Territory Band in Milwaukee (check local listings for venue?).
August 24 - Territory Band at Millenium Park band shell (Geary's crumpled metal thing)(but the sound is good!).
August 24 - Territory Band wrap party (mixed groups) at... the Velvet (still new?).
August 26 - Hekmann, Weston and I at Fiets Tour festival in Groningen (Netherlands).
Will stay on in Holland for about a week for more gigs... will post details soon but... one of the gigs is supposed to be at the new (still?) Bim Huis.
Also... advance notice... will be in Austin for a few days after that... look for me on under the bat bridge.
Be well!


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