Hoo-haa! Its hot! Not so bad really but slightly less comfortable than the Pacific Northwest... oh well... maybe I will have to move to Astoria some day.
Meanwhile, here in Chicago, Swiss experimental violinist (and I don't use the "experimental" word often) Charlotte Hug and I are going to do a couple of exploratory hits. Sort of old meets new or something (myself being more of a re-research/neo-non-teleogist for the most part).
Monday July 17 - Hug and I at Myopic
Tuesday July 18 - the Valentine Trio at the MCA
Wednesday July19 - Hug and I again at the Hideout (early show... 8:00ish)

Thursday July 20 - Vandermark 5 at Elastic
Saturday July 22 - Hug and I on WNUR in the PM (pre-recorded)

Then am in the studio (various stuffs) for the rest of the month but will get some sun at the Pitchfork Festival (look for me selling beer or taking tickets or yelling at you that you can't park there or some odd shit). Normally I avoid these things like the plague but some of my friends are running it and they put a chunk of the proceeds into events and venues I am attracted to (like a moth to the flame) so... I gotta roll the sleeves up from time to time and... mingle?


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what does pax urbanum mean?


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