...like a lamb

March 26th - Keefe Jackson, Frank Rosaly, me @ the Hungry Brain.
April 1 - Weasel Walter/me+ Red Redhead +Rotten Milk VS. Bubblegum Shitface + Pommel @ the Junk Shop (37th and Hoyne) starts at 8. must end by 11. All ages!
April 2 - ICP round robin improvisor meeting with locals. I think I am one of the locals. @ the Hungry Brain.
April 4 - Vandermark, Kessler, McBride, me @ the Empty Bottle.
April 9 - Chicago ESS opening. Vandermark, Bishop, Rammel and I in various solo duo and trio configurations. (New ESS location - 5925 N. Ravenswood).
April 10 - Lightbox Orchestra @ Sylvie's...
Michael Colligan - dry ice; Jim Baker - electronics; Lou Mallozi - electronics; Todd Carter - electronics; Liz Payne - viola; Kevin Davis - cello; Jason Roebke - bass; Darin Gray - bass; Glenn Kotche - percussion; Hal Rammel - sound palette; me - lightbox.


At 7:56 PM, Anonymous eric said...

ICP on the 2nd, eh?

saw them in LA the other night (went to see Wolter). Let us know how it go.


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