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Scotland was a blast. Only advice... don't call it England!
Anyway, survived the Valentine Trio gig last night in spite of arriving in Chicago in the afternoon. Fortunately, the flight was mellow.
Monday the 5th at Myopic with Josh Abrams and Co.
Tuesday the 6th at Elastic with Eric Leonardson.
Thursday the 8th at Elastic with Phil Wachsman (UK) and then run over to Enemy to play with Michaels Colligan and Zerang.
Friday the 9th is a first meeting type thing with Veryan Weston (UK) and Klaas Hekman (NL) at the Rennaisance Society.
Sunday the 11th the same trio will play at the Brain but performing some of the music we will be planning to present at the Vision Fest in New York (on Tuesday the 12th).
On the 10th Veryan will play duos with Jim Baker and Klaas will play with Lou Mallozi at Elastic. I will be there relaxing!
See you somewhere?


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