ready for May

Sheez...! Forgot to list last weekend... lotta fun at the opening at Gescheilde. Nice gig Saturday with Lindsay Anderson at the Bottle and then last night sextet meeting with Magnus Broo, Dave Rempis, Jim Baker, Ingebrigdt H-F and Tim Daisey. Maybe you knew anyway.
Anyway... really glad the Merry Merry Month of May is coming as a little merryness is definitely good for the spirit. But...
First I gotta get through April. Fortunately I have some nice things to keep busy with.
Friday, April 28 - Janet Bean and Horses Ha open for Alejandro Escovido at the Old Town School of Folk Music.
Saturday, April 29 - Lou Malozzi, Michael Zerang and I play trios with films chosen by Lou at Chicago Filmakers.
Sunday, April 30 - Guillermo Gregorio and I play duos in Miwaukee at Woodland Patterns. GG on clarinet, me without an amp.
Then I go to Omaha to spend a few days working with Simon Joyner on a duo recording project and to play a couple of gigs (I don't know where, will try to get the info).
May (!) 10 - Lightbox Orchestra at the Hideout. This time the band is:
Josh Berman - cornet
Jeb Bishop - trombone
Jaimie Branch- trumpet
Keefe Jackson - reeds
Jason Stein - bass clarinet
Anton Hatwich - bass
Kent Kessler - bass
Jason Adashevitz - vibes
Tim Daisey - drums

Merry spring!


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